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Insurance Services

In order to handle the risks, insurance is required. One Touch Solution Packers & Movers provides complete insurance to cover your belongings in the event of a loss during the move. We also assist you with all insurance-related paperwork. During transfer, any form of catastrophe or natural disaster might be hazardous to products. One of the main reasons why everyone wants insurance is because of this. We have partnered with a number of insurance companies to provide the best value for money in the event of a disaster. Clients are also given assistance in determining the value of their possessions. We protect and secure commodities and other valuables with the aid of our insurance options, which cover a single item damage or loss.

Our clients feel comfortable and secure knowing that their products are safe, secure, and insured for packing and moving in India once an insurance service is in place. Our insurance service covers everything during your move in India, beginning at your doorway and ending only when you have arrived safely at your new home. We recognise the importance of goods security since we understand your feelings and attachment to your belongings. We protect your products from physical, social, financial, political, and word-of-mouth harm.

Providing Customer Satisfaction

We have introduced 24*7 customer care support to make sure that our customers stay updated with the status of delivery of their goods from time to time.

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